Robert Settineri, MS – Consulting Director of Research


Robert Settineri, MS has served as Applied-Bioresearch’s Consulting Director of Research since its founding. He is responsible for design and coordination of all pre-clinical and clinical studies on Detoxamin®. He has served as Biology Research Manager and Director of Media Development in the pharmaceutical industry and published more than 35 scientific articles in viral immunology, nutritional sciences and related fields. He was responsible in preparing FDA NDA applications that also supported registration submissions in 80 countries.  He also currently served Senior Vice President and a Member of the Board of Directors for the American Nutraceutical Association. For the past nine years, Bob planned, designed, coordinated, managed and co-authored publications on preclinical and clinical studies regarding World Health Products’ chelation suppositories. He also co-wrote Detox Outside the Box, in which over 25,000 copies have been distributed to health care professionals and consumers.

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