Rita Ellithorpe, MD


Rita Ellithorpe, M.D., the Company’s Medical Advisor, has given talks and published research on chelation therapy suppositories and is an expert on fatigue and cellular medicine.  In May 2003, she founded TLC in Tustin, California, where more than 3,000 patients have been using chelation suppositories, and is also TLC’s Medical Director.  She received her medical degree from Chicago Medical School at the University of Health Science in North Chicago, Illinois.  She holds a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine focusing on health at the cellular level.  Dr. Ellithorpe is Board Certified by the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, and also Board-certified in Integrative Medicine.  She has participated in several clinical studies and has served as a principal investigator.  Dr. Ellithorpe is the principle author of the book Detox Outside the Box.

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