Kendal Svedeen


Kendal “Butch” Svedeen has served as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer and as a Director of the Company since the Company’s founding. Kendal received his Bachelor Degree in Biology/Chemistry in 1984 from the University of Washington and worked in the sales industry winning many prestigious awards including placing 9th out of 1200 students for the Tom Hawkins Sales Boot Camp.

In 1996, he and a partner started Security Services Group, Inc. “SSG”, which averaged over $3,000,000 a year in sales. As the CFO and COO for the company, Kendal managed financial departments with responsibility for Budgets, Forecasting, Payroll, Accounts Payables and Receivables. He coordinated monthly payroll functions for over 200 employees within five states. In January 2001, Kendal and a partner started World Health Products, LLC where he focused on providing scientifically proven, effective, safe and affordable therapies to obtain optimal health by researching, developing, and obtaining a patent for their proprietary product “Detoxamin”. World Health Products had sales revenue averaging $2,000,000 per year with a net profit of approximately 40%. World Health Products is currently debt free. Kendal oversees all operation, administration, marketing and research for the company.


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