Our Unique Discovery

Applied-BioResearch, Inc. (ABR) has researched and developed a potentially safe and effective innovative formulation in the form of a suppository. The product can chelate or bind to toxic heavy metals which cause a myriad of chronic illnesses.  These toxins accumulate over time in our bodies and our product can remove them through excretion in urine and feces. Provisional patents have been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the new ABR pharmaceutical entities.  The formulas are able to chelate many different toxic metals that are associated as the cause of many chronic illnesses in men, women and especially children. Our first target for FDA approval is the elimination of lead which is one of the most toxic elements that affect us through environmental exposure, food, water and air pollution. Further applications for different medical indications of other metals will be submitted to the FDA in the future.