The Company Plan and Accomplishments

Our Company plans to develop and patent a new and improved chelation suppository.  This new formula will be studied for increased bioavailability and clinical benefits by conducting studies for patent purposes and necessary trials for a FDA IND submissions.

Within the past two years and based on its research so far, our Company has achieved the following accomplishments:

  • Establishment of an expert team of seasoned business professionals, patent attorneys and distinguished researchers including a Nobel Prize Nominee to help carry out each phase of the Company's objectives
  • Association and securing the services of a leading FDA consulting group with a high degree of IND approval success
  • Detailed research plan necessary for targeting the IND process
  • Advances in discovery of major key chemistry properties of the Company’s active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) i.e. dissolution rates, analytical methods, molecular formulations, ideal excipient selections, proprietary novel formulations, unique carrier delivery and more
  • The filing of one patent application and one provisional patent application in addition to our existing original patent
  • Successful completion of a preclinical pharmacokinetic study necessary for IND acceptance
  • The discovery of unique Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) product formula
  • The development of analytical methods for identifying our API in blood and urine and also in the product formula .... necessary for IND acceptance
  • Securing the services of a FDA certified Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) lab facilities who have experience the company needs for IND acceptance
  • An association with the leading  US suppository manufacturer 
  • A letter of intent from a foreign pharmaceutical company who agreed to help develop and distribute our product in their country